Salary sorter- amend initial setup

Hi, can anyone help?

I’ve just setup salary sorter for the first time, I had manual recurring payments setup to do this previously. I’ve now decided to create a few additional pots - but can’t seem to find anyway to amend the initial salary sorter payments I’ve set up.

I know it says I will have the opportunity to amend before future payments, but is there anyway to amend before then?


Hey, no in short!

But despite what it looks like, salary sorter isn’t automatic, so you don’t need to worry about changing anything before next payment.

Next time your salary or other large payment comes in, you’ll have to click ‘sort salary’ again and all that this sort you just did does is automatically populate the figures to send to each pot. If you then edit it, it will keep the new ones you entered for the time after and so on.


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