Sacrilege: No more features

(Chris Dee) #1

I know that many won’t like this but has anyone proposed that Mondo is already perfectly formed? There is something elegant and instinctive about the current app that I think it should be left alone. It does exactly what I want it to do.

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

I think we’re all in the same page, not so much about “no more features” but about “keep the app as simple as it is now”. I guess is that what you mean. Sacrilege indeed!!! :joy:

There are features that we are going to need and that everybody wants in a current account (payments, direct debits, standing orders, etc.) but I can assure you that we’ll work hard to bring all that power without compromising the ease of use. We’ll even trim features if at some point we realise we are going to town.

One of our design principles is that we shape things from the function to the form. That should ensure a correct growth for our product :slightly_smiling: