Rules around share transfer activities

** Im writing new topic since shares trade wiki is locked for commenting. if its unlocked i will comment on that thread thank you **

I was contacting crowdcube on transferring my monzo shares, to be specific trading monzo shares. and they are keep asking me about what is the extraordinary circumstances or reason for transfer. I have already told them it was for my budget issue. I can see there are people trading shares by looking at the trade wiki page on this community. What i do not understand is why are there people who are trading without any issue and some like myself have to explain in detail for the trade. if there are people who successfully traded shares could you give me some comments on this thread Thank you.

How do you know that they didn’t have to go the same process as you?

As I understand it, the people who have successfully traded their shares did so because they had a legitimate reason to do so. As taken from the Wiki item you linked to, “Monzo is strict on selling shares”, so you have to provide justification and Monzo will make a decision at the next official review/meeting.

There will be nobody who sold “without issue” and they all would have had to go through the same process.

Hopefully some folks who have experienced this will comment and confirm this.

thats why im asking people to comment on this thread if you have done the trade bt in different manner

‘Extraordinary circumstances’ to be presented to and agreed (or not) by the Monzo board has been the threshold for any agreed share transfer since the very beginning of the Crowdfunded public share ownership.

This is not new and has been the threshold all prior transfers have needed to meet.

This has been discussed plenty of times and doesn’t really need yet another thread. People’s ‘extraordinary circumstances’ are their own business and shouldn’t be shared on a public forum.

I’ve also changed the thread title as Crowdcube haven’t ‘suspended’ or changed the rules around share transfers.