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Whether it’s a NWG branch or Post Office branch, you should only need your debit card. But, there’d be no harm in carrying a form of ID (licence, passport) too.

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Some NWG branches also have the fancy cash machines that allow for deposits. I’ve never actually used one :eyes: however they only require a debit card too.

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They’re very good. Much better than the ones in HSBC that try to cut your fingers off.


Not just me that nearly suffered that fate then :joy:

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Banked with RBS since childhood. Got the child and co account over a year ago and switched it away in the madness when there were loads of different offers and regretted it.

Applied for child&co again through the “method” two days ago and account has been all approved today.

I won’t be closing/switching it again and will retain it now unless they stop the child&co brand.


I’ve only got Drummonds - perhaps one day I’ll go for the Child too.

I thought child and co had shut down last year?

The branch not the brand

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Does anyone have any of the RBS credit cards.

I have seen what the black one looks like but haven’t seen any of the credit cards for a long time. What do they look like?

My two are grey

Still this design:


It has the much maligned “granny sheen” to it.

I was about to post same image :rofl::rofl:

The underlying features of the card have served me well over the years, the card itself is forgettable.

Which card is it you have and what features. I have had a few times now where I want to stick large purchase on my Amex that has large limit but I don’t have a normal cc for higher purchases and was looking at potentially rbs

Royal Bank Credit Card. The features are fee free fx, instant notifications & card number in app. Generous credit limit. It’s ahead of Amex imho.


The “granny sheen” in real life…

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Anybody else having trouble adding their debit card to Apple Pay? I just get a “card not added” message then, hours later, a notification asking me to open the RBS app to complete the addition. If I do open the app there’s nothing there to complete adding the card.

I’m wondering if their systems can’t cope with everybody adding their cards to their new iPhones.

I’ve just tried adding it on my 15 Pro and the app doesn’t seem to recognise the Apple Pay Wallet request to verify. It did just have overnight maintenance. I could verify Apple Pay via text message though.

This is my new watch that I’m trying to add it to. I’ve just removed the debit card from my iPhone (14 Pro Max) and was able to add it back again without any problems. It still won’t add it to my watch, though - just says “card not added - contact your card issuer”. It’s been doing this since yesterday morning.

I suppose I’m going to have to contact them.