Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

I had that in an email when the account was set up. Is that no longer the case?

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I have some emails from the other day asking for my ID upload with my customer number written as 123456XXXX but my “account is set up, enjoy” email doesn’t even say that.

I suspect it’s the old form. I remember having to wait for everything to come through the post before I could get up and running online and in the app. All you need is the card though, I think.

Someone managed to get into the online banking/app early during the first wave lasr May though, but I think it involved phoning RBS. When I tried on the live chat I was told to just wait for my card.


I’ll just wait for my card then, should hope it’ll arrive within the next week or so.


I’m apparently not welcome to NatWest group for any account :joy:

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They’re onto you Monzo spy! :male_detective:


Woah really? Just flat out refused opening an account?

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Well I applied NatWest a while back and they sent card then closed it.

Then applied RBS recently, they initially couldn’t find my file, so applied again and got the rejection.

I did raise a credit file issue from some years ago with NatWest and they since resolved it but looks like I’m no longer welcome :joy:


Makes me wonder if I should stop pestering them about the complaint they upheld but then didn’t action :sweat_smile:


Bit strange they let it go as far as sending you a card but then closed it!

Barclays were no better a few years back and I’m still non the wiser with them. Though they did give me £400 for the closure.

Tried since and even complaining lately they said I’m likely to be approved an account, applied, still rejected. Been the case for years.

Strange old lot.

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Are you slowly working to be banned from all high street banks? :sweat_smile:


Feels like it. :joy:

I’ve done a lot this year so probs why the banks are shy.

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Finally got my card, still waiting on an “activation code” to set up online banking though!
I’m supposed to get a text within 48 hours, that was said around 9am Saturday so clocks ticking!


So switched to rbs to take advantage of their switch incentive (covered in separate post).

Today this arrived in the post and has put me right off using them. A separate digital banking card and separate pin for it, to use with a separate card reader (yet to arrive).

I get its to improve security but the user experience is truly awful and causes way too much friction for me.

Ive yet to receive my physical current account card though their app did let me add it to google pay. Safe to say i wont be sticking with them after this!


Wait, what? I’ve never heard of this (and none of the many people who opened RBS accounts in the past reported this)

Is there any reason RBS might consider you higher risk?


Crazy isnt it! Ive not suffered fraud before (and dont have a cifas marker) so cant see why they might view me as more of a risk especially as ive had no other issues with other banks.
Ive just tweeted them to ask is this normal. I actually think it risks customers writing more pin numbers and stuff down as they’re putting too much on them to action requests. I should say ive literally only just opened the account so whether its a recent change i dont know.

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The card looks like it’s from the 00s, and given that RBS/NatWest are moving towards biometric authentication instead of card readers, it’s either that something’s gone wrong and you ended up in a very legacy process, or they see you as high risk


Its actually neither. Theyve replied pretty quick on twitter and confirmed its normal.

Using the standard mastercard also works they say (so cant be for additional security).

Very weird and i wont be sticking with them.


Keep us posted on this. I’ve only ever used my actual debit card in a card reader, both within NatWest/RBS Group, and elsewhere.