Roundups no longer working with delayed Filling Station Payments

Roundups from Petrol Filling Stations seem to have stopped rounding up for me. The last successful round up was 2nd June. All other payments seem to round up fine.

My balance is always over £10, and the cleared amount is over £1, so should fit the criteria.

Anyone else experiencing this?

People who don’t put round numbers of petrol in their vehicles make me twitch :worried: :grimacing:


Mate if I miss and go over by a penny I have to go to the next pound :grimacing:


Why would you do that instead of filling up fully?! Especially when previously the roundups would work leaving me with a nice round number in my bank account.


Agreed on this. The machine literally turns off when your tank is full, makes it way easier than micromanaging the cost.

I could understand back when people paid in cash but card eliminates this problem.

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If you’re using pay at pump then, as with foreign transactions, the final settlement value does not have round-ups applied. It’s only ever applied at the initial point.


It has done in the past. Note the two older Sainsbury’s payments in the attached screenshot. Thats an unmanned pay-at-pump only station.

Haha I dunno, it’s just a thing :cry:

I know it costs about £90 to fill my car so I just go to that amount if I want to fill it. But I rarely do. I tend to put enough in for the week and that’s it.

Just one of those things, like having the music volume on an even number :laughing: :speak_no_evil:

Are you driving a tank? My pick up only costs £75 to fill

Haha not as cool as that. It’s an Audi A7 :smiley:

Nice car, what’s the cost of petrol in England at the minute? £90 seems like a lot

It’s diesel not petrol :wink: and it’s around £1.40 a litre I think :thinking:

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Ouch no wonder :sob: it’s only 1.25 in Belfast at the minute

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My obsessive nature means I can’t have the tv volume on a prime number.

Oh wait. This isn’t the What is Monzo doing about Mental Health thread?! :joy:


I’m one of those that needs to put round numbers of petrol in my car too, however this means that when it’s full , I put a little more in until it goes to a round number :joy::rofl:
My car only takes about £54 :see_no_evil:.

I got fed up with pulling out , so I just fill up until full.

Only do exact when paying cash which is very rare

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I take it we are all ignoring this and moving on without comment? :smirk:


Oooh Matron!


Disgraceful :joy:


Only with some difficulty. Don’t want to risk getting flagged :scream: