Round up pots with foreign currency

(Kyle Lindeque) #1

I’m abroad at the moment and noticed that the coin jar doesn’t round off correctly. So I’m unsure if this is by design or a bug - as the round off value is in £ for the full value of the € rather than converted £ value.

When I made a purchase for a full value € it didn’t add to the jar. Only for the nonrounded € value did it then add the different to the pot.

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Hey :wave: - I think this is working as expected. In your helpful screenshot, the supermarket transaction isn’t rounded because it’s below £1, not because it happens to be a round euro.

On the apartment one, the value is above £1 and the converted value is £3.95, so a round up of 5p looks right to me…

(One place where it might seem strange is when the exchange rate settles in a few days. The values sent to the coin jar won’t change, so if, say, the top transaction comes out at £3.96 the round up to the coin jar will stay at 5p, rather than changing to 4p, if that makes sense…)

(Tom ) #3

It doesn’t round up anything under a quid.

The other thing to note is when the currency settles, it may change amounts, so your rounding up might not be exact.~

Edit: Beaten to it with a much better response by @Peter_G - so ignore this!

(Pete) #4

This part tricked me. It’s all round and square until they settle the payment.

(Tim Coysh) #5

Issue: When using my Monzo card in Switzerland, I made a transaction that was converted to £4.95 - however Monzo put £0.07 into my Coin Jar.
Obviously that is a small bug - but it’s still a big nonetheless.
I imagine it transfers the money to the pot before the exchange rate has been finalised.

Details to reproduce: as above
App Version: 2.4.0 #429



When you buy something in a foreign currency, Monzo estimates the GBP equivalent.
It uses that estimate for calculating the pennies to move to the coin jar.

Then, a day later, the actual exchange rate comes through, which (unless the estimate was spot on) throws off the total.

I bought something on Saturday for $35.00
Monzo estimated an exchange rate, 1.265, and a GBP equivalent of £27.67
It rounds it up to £28.00 and puts £0.33 into the coin jar.

Today the actual exchange rate comes through. 1.25. GBP equiv of £27.92
The nicely rounded up £28 is now £28.25

Nooooo… now it looks untidy. Extremely low priority, but still.

What I’d expect is that it’d take a few pennies back out of the coin jar (or put a few more in) once the final amount comes through.

Details to reproduce:
Enable saving pennies to another pot
Buy something using a non-GBP currency.
Wait a day, re-examine the amounts.

Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.27.0

(Tom Shorey) #7

I’ve had this problem too, but presumed it was rounding up the foreign amount.
I think solutions I would be happy with is either:

  • Ability to turn off round-ups for foreign currency transactions.
  • Hold off rounding up until transaction amount is finalised.


Turning off round-ups wouldn’t fix the untidyness issue. Our OCD wouldn’t be happy!

  • Hold off rounding up until transaction amount is finalised.

makes most sense to me