Round up pots with foreign currency

I’m abroad at the moment and noticed that the coin jar doesn’t round off correctly. So I’m unsure if this is by design or a bug - as the round off value is in £ for the full value of the € rather than converted £ value.

When I made a purchase for a full value € it didn’t add to the jar. Only for the nonrounded € value did it then add the different to the pot.


Hey :wave: - I think this is working as expected. In your helpful screenshot, the supermarket transaction isn’t rounded because it’s below £1, not because it happens to be a round euro.

On the apartment one, the value is above £1 and the converted value is £3.95, so a round up of 5p looks right to me…

(One place where it might seem strange is when the exchange rate settles in a few days. The values sent to the coin jar won’t change, so if, say, the top transaction comes out at £3.96 the round up to the coin jar will stay at 5p, rather than changing to 4p, if that makes sense…)


It doesn’t round up anything under a quid.

The other thing to note is when the currency settles, it may change amounts, so your rounding up might not be exact.~

Edit: Beaten to it with a much better response by @Peter_G - so ignore this!

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This part tricked me. It’s all round and square until they settle the payment.

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Issue: When using my Monzo card in Switzerland, I made a transaction that was converted to £4.95 - however Monzo put £0.07 into my Coin Jar.
Obviously that is a small bug - but it’s still a big nonetheless.
I imagine it transfers the money to the pot before the exchange rate has been finalised.

Details to reproduce: as above
App Version: 2.4.0 #429


When you buy something in a foreign currency, Monzo estimates the GBP equivalent.
It uses that estimate for calculating the pennies to move to the coin jar.

Then, a day later, the actual exchange rate comes through, which (unless the estimate was spot on) throws off the total.

I bought something on Saturday for $35.00
Monzo estimated an exchange rate, 1.265, and a GBP equivalent of £27.67
It rounds it up to £28.00 and puts £0.33 into the coin jar.

Today the actual exchange rate comes through. 1.25. GBP equiv of £27.92
The nicely rounded up £28 is now £28.25

Nooooo… now it looks untidy. Extremely low priority, but still.

What I’d expect is that it’d take a few pennies back out of the coin jar (or put a few more in) once the final amount comes through.

Details to reproduce:
Enable saving pennies to another pot
Buy something using a non-GBP currency.
Wait a day, re-examine the amounts.

Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.27.0

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I’ve had this problem too, but presumed it was rounding up the foreign amount.
I think solutions I would be happy with is either:

  • Ability to turn off round-ups for foreign currency transactions.
  • Hold off rounding up until transaction amount is finalised.

Turning off round-ups wouldn’t fix the untidyness issue. Our OCD wouldn’t be happy!

  • Hold off rounding up until transaction amount is finalised.

makes most sense to me


This please. I’m abroad at the moment and the lack of round numbers is really annoying me :slight_smile:

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Would love to see this changed too so it triggers the jar on settled rate rather than on spend if that is doable?