Ring doorbell

Does anyone have a Ring doorbell? Does it work with a Google Home Hub? So if someone rings the door, their image will be automatically shown on the Home Hub?

I have a nest Hello which should work with the home hub (currently £175 on tool station)

Not sure about Ring, I suspect it won’t work with the home hub, but if it does currently, may not work for much longer with the “works with google assistant” program changing.

No, sadly the Ring Doorbell isn’t integrated with Google Home/Nest Hub. I have one - very happy with it. I would have gone for the Nest Hello but it has to be wired in, so I went for the battery-operated Ring.

They’ve just released a kit to make it easier to install their doorbells if you don’t already have the wiring set up https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/6/5/18654361/nest-hello-power-adapter-ninety7-google-store