Google Nest Hub Max

(Simon B) #1

So this is a much bigger version of the Google Home Hub (now known as the Google Nest Hub)

Twice the size and with a built in camera.

Anyone picking one up?


I’ve run out of rooms I need an assistant in so I’ll have to give this one a miss :worried:

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(Brandon Billingham) #3

I picked the regular one up free with the 3a


Goodbye to the Nest API :sleepy:

shakes fist at Google


Pretty much all the news I’ve seen on this has said how bad it is that Google included a camera on this (considering it was a “feature” to not have a camera on the first model).

But… If you are buying a smart device which is designed to listen to you 24/7… can you really be concerned with privacy?

The concept behind the new Nest Hub is literally my idea of the future.

If anyone is going to make this work well, it’s Google - They are so far ahead in the AI stakes right now.

My feeling is that if you want to have these futuristic devices, you’ll have to accept the trade off in potential privacy issues…


I wish the original had a cam. Would have been a good video call service in our kitchen :neutral_face:

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Yes you can.

How that data is stored and used is where privacy concerns kick in. I don’t think there needs to be any trade off at all. Trust level perhaps but that’s different.


Valid point, and possibly more where I was going/aiming with my comment.

That being said, how many of the “big” tech companies do we trust?

Apple? Generally considered trustworthy.
Google? Meh… Not so much.
Facebook? - :joy:
Amazon? Less so since the recent “our staff listen to your Echo devices so we can improve the service” comments…

But I guess there does need to be a human element involved at some stage to improve everything.

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Bingo. I trust one of those companies substantially more than all the others.

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I’m 100% Apple - But boooooooy, is Siri bad.

Google Assistant is seriously next level in comparison, and I’m not sure Apple will ever be able to catch up in that space (not to mention their poor offering in the “smart” home devices).

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #11

Yup, Apple are behind on this stuff but maybe that’s all part of the compromise.

I have Alexa devices at home but given it’s almost only for ‘play music’ or ‘switch on/off lights’ I can see HomeHub being a future (expensive) investment.


They seemed to put a lot of effort into AR, which hasn’t really gone anywhere (yet).

Siri just hasn’t developed at all… It’s the most disappointing of all the Apple features right now.

Back to the topic - I’d definitely pick up a Nest Hub if I was even partially in the Google eco system, or if it played nicely with iCloud (which it doesn’t).

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(Dan Mullen) #13

I’m delighted this one has a camera. I was going to add a Nest Cam Indoors to my kitchen (to go with my existing Home Hub) but now I’ll probably just replace the current Home Hub with this one and kill two birds with one stone. Then I can use the smaller Hub in the bedroom.

(Marcel Ruhf) #14

Off-topic, but Siri has a bit of a perception problem. They’ve actually improved it a lot over the last year, and in some respects it now outperforms Alexa.


Nice article, but I think the reason for Siri’s perception (for me anyway), is the effort involved in getting what I want when using Siri, vs Google.

Siri requires me to be pretty robotic with how I ask it things - General questions are OK, but half the time it doesn’t pick up the “Hey Siri”, and the watch doesn’t register me bringing it to my mouth to talk.

When it does pick it up, it’s very unnatural and you have to be quite specific with no stuttering or “erm’s”.

I find Google Assistant to be so good in all these areas, even though I don’t use it much (due to it’s lack of integration with Apple).

So Siri might be able to answer questions, and I appreciate it’s come on leaps and bounds since it first started in terms of the tech and “stats” - But for me, it’s not a perception that it’s bad, it’s the reality (at the moment).

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #16

Yeah, it’s the ‘roughness’ I can use with Alexa that ‘works’ (perception) for me. I don’t have to memorise specific commands, just talk at it and it responds correctly most of the time.

Siri still feels like… “Ohhh I didn’t say that right so…” and local information is a joke, I live in Glasgow, if I ask for how Rangers or Celtic are doing, I get either New York or Boston team responses… (I support none of those teams, before anyone starts!)

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(Tommy Long) #17

I probably won’t be getting one simply because I don’t have any interest in making video calls. Are there other genuine use cases for the camera? The larger screen could be useful so maybe one for the bedroom as a clock, etc. or maybe replace the existing Home Hub in the kitchen with this one? Hmm.


From what limited info I’ve read, it seems like Google want to track who comes in the room, and adjust everything to suit that person.

I think you may be able to use gestures to control other stuff, and it’s how I imagine the future to look when it comes to smart devices…

But… It’s one thing having a smart device listen to you all day, it’s something else to have it watching you all day…

There seems to be a lot of negativity around this (understandably so), and I’d love to see how Google use this video data…

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #19

I’m sure they will be completely transparent and upfront about what they tell us they are doing with said data… :wink:

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I’ll get one if it can actually recieve all casts, if I can get Netflix on it i’m in

The use cases they described were video calls, security cameras and gesture control, and information personalisation as someone else mentioned. There’s also a physical off switch for the camera that they say fully disconnects the camera from the circuit (which should be very easy for teardowns to verify)

Actually yes, they said they’d be publishing documents describing their data uses

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