Amazon have purchased Ring (Video Doorbell Company)

This is clearly a shot at Google/Nest, who now produce similar devices under the Nest banner.

I understand Ring are a market leader in this field, but already being in the Nest ecosystem I’d be more likely to buy the Nest product.

Does anyone have one of these video doorbells? I feel like they might be more common in the US than here.

I’ve never actually seen one (apart from on the shelf at Best Buy) but I assumed you could make them somewhat incognito.

I’d rather have something ring my phone compared to the obnoxious doorbell I have in my flat right now. I realise I could just buy and install a less obnoxious doorbell, but if I have to go to all that effort I’d like to replace it with tech :grin: - ideally something with an API.


I’ve got Netgear Arlo. Does an alright job. Handy becuase the cameras are not wired, reasonably sensitive of movement and fairly discreet.

I thought Amazon had launched their own camera/wireless key product. Maybe this is just buying out a competitor.

The Ring adverts are truly annoying.

I have Arlo integrated to Alexa via IFTTT.

Aren’t the windows open?!

The ring doorbells came from a Kickstarter called doorbot and the hardware hasn’t changed internally much since. Poor WiFi antenna, and underpowered so it takes them several seconds to detect motion… uploaded to a server then supposed to notify your mobile but often takes 30-60 seconds to do so. Basically what you have is a doorbell that tells you that callers just gave up and left :stuck_out_tongue:

I was waiting for nest to produce theirs so I could rip the ring doorbell out… but if Amazon can sort out the server side it might even become useful. Can’t fix the rubbish motion detect without new hardware though.


I backed ‘Ding’ on Kickstarter which is similar, though no camera. I don’t want to pretend I’m in, when I’m not. Having a door bell alert my phone is all I need!


Lets you see who you’re not answering the door to. I like that. :ok_hand::+1: