Ring Alarm - Advice pls

I’m looking to get the Ring Home Alarme and would like to hear your opinions or advice pls

Given all the privacy concerns they’ve had lately I’d be staying away from them but I’ve heard they are decent systems, I just wouldn’t be putting my faith in this company

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Big nope from me. Outside of their security problems, I have an ethics issue with Amazon.


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2 factor is now offered

They’re highly rated by the Wirecutter. I’m likely to pull the trigger soon.

There’s a 10 pack on sale at Costco which is the best value deal that I’ve managed to find.

I would hold off a while if you can. I’m the US they had nearly half price offers on the alarm while in the UK they were still full price (though they have only recently launched in the UK). I am fully expecting it to be in the next sale they do.

Though I could be wrong.

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Do you have a link?

I have one. Installs easily and is a very well engineered system. 10/10. If people want to snoop on me they’ll get bored very quickly…


I did initially hold out for Black Friday but there was no reduction at all. Other Ring products are so highly discounted it has to be a matter of time.

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Thanks. Yeah it was then that the US one plummeted.

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I had a ring door bell they quite good but in most case they is a delay from when the person rings the door bell and some time it may nit work at all. I have contact ring a few time but they say it your WiFi and this may be the case but my home is nit a large home an they was a delay witch is very annoying.

You can the ring extender WiFi witch also chimes and some time you can get a ring door bell and chime in a deal I would recommend if your going to get a ring door bell get the ring 2 as you can have a spare battery in stead of making the hole door bell of and changing it the batter for me last about 7 days but has battery level goes down I found it make more a a delay not sure why.

Thye is offer door bell out they lie the nest came but you have to hard wire it and the power supply douse not come with that.

Ring also work with google home and Alexa.

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It’s very good. I waited long as US prices less but no reduction in UK prices. You do not necessarily have to install indoor camera if privacy fears. I have battery outdoor cams, doorbell pro and contact / motion sensors. For £8 per month unlikely to get anything cheaper from reputable company which is likely to add to its range in the future

With ring you don’t have to pay a sub but then it won’t keep the recording for a long. They are offer door bell simpler to ring that may be cheaper but I don’t know I have had a ring but it when wrong got stuck in night could only see bald and white even in day or in doors .