Ring Subscription sees second 40% price hike within 2 years

Ring Protect Basic is increasing to £49.99 per device. It was currently £34.99 after prices increased from £29.99 18 months ago.

Lots of upset people on X etc… Looks like emails started going out today.

Thank god that I left ring to go local! Can’t see how they can keep bumping the subscription up. Especially after the breach they had


I didn’t know they had a breach. Going to have a lil research on that later

There’s not much info but here’s the article Has Amazon's Ring Been Hacked? Ransomware Gang Posts Data Leak Threat

You also might want to read this

So yeah I’d reconsider ring to go into the trash


My plan is due for renewal 5 days after the price increase :rage:

Might look at something else like the Eufy doorbells that come with their own storage


I use Unifi protect stuff at home if that’s something you want to use. I would highly advise them.


Thanks I’ll give them a look

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Can be a bit on the plus side to start with, but hey good security doesn’t come cheap.

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Only just got my ring door bell before Christmas. After my old cheap one kept going off everytime I locked my car :joy:

I thought £34.99 was steep. Will cancel the renewal at £49.99 and just go without the vids being saved.


Safer bet. Your videos won’t be sat on Amazon Servers for half a year :joy:. Sometimes free is better.

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I’m looking at a video doorbell and am considering an Aqara G4 video doorbell - it;s local storage and Homekit secure video too (SD card in the chime)

Aqara G4 Smart Wireless Video Doorbell - No Subscription

I do wish Ring the best of luck, but that is insane, especially if you’re an Apple user

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I was going to use Unifi Protect, but I needed to get at least a Dream Machine Pro for that… The SD cards die in the other products, within a year most of the time… I mean, that;s not bad, but I also wanted IDS/IPS. My camera installer unfortunately put in Hikvision before I made up my mind :frowning: but it is all IP/RJ45 cameras so easy to swap

You thought about possibly trying Blueiris or Frigate? If there standard hikvison IP cameras then you can use the ONVIF/RTSP to a better program.

I haven;t no, but I don’t reallt have an issue with Unifi Protect, it can intergrate into HKSV too using Homebridge, but the app is great

Yeah, I love the protect app. I use a UDM SE only because of the 2.5gbe wan port. I think I put a 4TB segate skyhawk in there and it lasts around 30 days with 4 cameras I think. But yeah the upfront cost can be a bit steep (that’s what Monzo flex is for) but I find it worth it.

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We use hikvision at work. Terrible. I hate managing it.

Was hoping to move over to Verkada as their systems look great.

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Do you use the iVMS thing? Although I think that’s EOL

Yep, I do.

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I feel your pain…… I preferred avigilon or milestone

I know Hikvision software is not great, the camera quality is very good, especially the ColourVu cameras, which I have. I just hate the NVR software, it doesn’t even work in HTML5, you have to download a ‘Webcomponents’ plugin that sits on your PC and to top it off, it ONLY works in Internet Explorer mode