RFC: Keeping the golden ticket thread tidy

The golden ticket thread has been quite a successful thread. I’d like to make it even easier for new members to be able to find unused tickets by cleaning the incredibly long thread of posts that contain effectively nothing but “CLAIMED” or used links. I ran a similar idea past @Naji of recreating the thread when it hit 250 posts, however many people have the thread muted and recreating it would ruin that.

My proposal is that posts in the thread are deleted if the following conditions are met:

  • The post contains no discussion.
  • The golden ticket(s) have been claimed.
  • The post has zero likes.

To be clear, community leaders don’t have permissions to delete posts on their own, so it would be up to the user to remove their own post with possible occasional staff cleanup.

This isn’t a fully formed idea yet so I’d like to get some feedback, what does everybody else think?


The other alternative would be to do it as a wiki, everyone adds their tickets to the wiki and deletes them once used.

What do you think?


Great idea.

I am one of the many who are fed up of that thread and was glad to have been able to Mute it


How do you know there are many?

Is there discussion we are not party to?

Why are you fed up with it? In principle or because it was popular?

I didn’t set it up with the intention of annoying anyone, it was just a bit of fun.

I like that idea, to avoid users accidentally deleting each other’s tickets (thinking that they were theirs & had been used), each user who posts a ticket could create a header with their name & post it underneath e.g.

#### @alexs


#### @MIROW



Dave, I am busy so I only want to look at the community when there is something new to read. An endless stream of Golden Tickets is not of use to me. I have my card/account and do not need a ticket to push in front of the queue.

The fact I muted it aside. I appreciate there will be those who do want a ticket and find it useful so I have no objection to the thread itself.

I have not only muted this thread but also the Forum threads which have strayed off the subjects of banking, finance or Monzo. If I wanted to discuss TV or cookery etc I would not be doing so on this forum.

I think if asking people to delete their posts after tickets have been claimed you might end up with people forgetting and the thread just ending up cluttered.

As a wiki it should (hopefully) look cleaner.

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Just a guess of mine and I wanted to post it somewhere this weekend. Why doesn’t Monzo supply one single unlimited golden ticket? Is this not possible?

I have a collection of several unlimited use tickets but was asked not to post them too publicly as it ruins opportunities of others to post their links.

Ok, but wouldent they solve all this?

Where’s the fun in that though?

This way people get involved, new members post their tickets, we all work to expand the family. A single unlimited use ticket would kill it…

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Be useful to know how to mute this thread. Can you advise, please?

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click on the Button that says Tracking bellow the most recent post and select the Mute option

or just press M twice

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I’m obliged.

To update with some data points from experiments I’ve been conducting on the thread:

  • Users appear to start at the bottom and work their way up the thread.
  • Tickets more than three posts from the bottom appear to go untouched, even if they are unclaimed. Because of this, I have found it better for ticket usage to delete and repost my unused tickets, rather than edit my existing post if it’s not the last one or two in the thread.
  • During the weekdays, the latest ticket(s) posted will get snapped up very quickly, especially true after an announcement. Weekends have been almost dead for ticket usage.

agreed, I had a ticket unclaimed for a couple of days about 4 or 5 posts up

I used 2 yesterday… one for myself and one for my wife, so we’re both eagerly awaiting our cards :sunglasses:


Great idea. I brought this up in the thread itself but it was quickly buried beneath more tickets.

Only change I’d make to your requirements is that the like count shouldn’t matter. Of course it’s up to the users themselves at the end of the day, but I don’t think that likes on a post with claimed cards is enough to warrant the clutter.

On the other hand, if we decided to do it as a Wiki then closing and opening a new thread would be fine, as there wouldn’t be any posts to annoy anyone in that case.