Integration with Yoyo Wallet

(Marcel Ruhf) #1

I couldn’t find an equivalent thread elsewhere, so I’m starting one now.
Yoyo Wallet is an app allowing you to link your card to it and pay at selected retailers via a QR Code to earn loyalty points.
It would be great if this could be linked to my Monzo account, so whenever I spend at these retailers with my Monzo debit card, this is forwarded to the Yoyo Wallet app.
This would be really convenient as we could earn loyalty points by simply using our contactless card, Android Pay or Apple Pay (when it is released).

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(Richard Cook) #2

Nice idea, thanks!

(I’ve added a link to YoYo’s site for anyone interested).



Starling have an integration with YoYo Wallet which seems to act in a similar way to Flux:

Interestingly, YoYo Wallet seem to have the ability to create a full PDF VAT receipt from their in-app digital receipts - not sure if this is just from the YoYo Wallet app though. It would be useful if Flux did the same.

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Looks more interesting than Flux.

Whilst they only have about 10 retailers on board, they seem to have a decent number of universities and employers/workplaces on board (50 or more of each).

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