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Absolutely. That was the purpose in starting the thread. I gave 2 examples of how conversations develop and are controlled.
Within the boundaries of legality and decency do we allow conversation to take its course or do we keep within fairly narrow confines and moderate?

As Monzo have provided the facility and appear to see it as furthering their business it would seem from staff comments that they wish to moderate and keeps threads on subject.

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As someone who has been on this forum for almost two years now, I can assure you that numbers absolutely make a difference. This was a very different place back at the beginning of 2016. There were no Leaders to start with, then a few, then a few more. But the need for moderation and the amount of heated debate has definitely increased as the numbers have.

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Numbers on the forum haven’t increased much recently - quite the opposite in fact. The first data point on (from August 27th last year) shows 3769 users in the previous 30 days, and 1690 in the previous 7 days. The peak values were 10398 over 30 days and 7985 over 7 days during the ATM fees vote.

In comparison, in the last 7 days there’s only been 1098 active users, and 4052 over the last 30 days.

Personally, I think the bigger difference has been having more users who see Monzo as a company providing a service rather than a social mission.


That’s a good question and what is Monzo answer to this

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I agree, I think older users are used to looking at Monzo as a work in progress, whereas newer users have higher expectations.

I’m not suggesting that new users are the problem - older users get this wrong too. But it’s often when those expectations are unrealistic that the discussion gets heated. There’s still no reason why that can’t be pointed out & the users have a normal conversation about it though.

Older users = users who’ve been following Monzo for longer, not their actual age!


Good and fast correction :+1:


longstanding users :wink:

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Veterans more characters

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I’ve read some posts about 20 up then skipped down - so forgive me. But I wanted to say a few bits

In my eyes, having anybody moderate a forum for a company that they don’t work for, could cause issues (especially if they are, like Simon said… Some of the biggest advocates)

They are not risking disciplinary action if they do something wrong, and they are not paid to follow company values & standards

I think of it like an Apple or Android forum… If you have an official :green_apple: forum, (this may exist) and it’s moderated by people that love :green_apple: and hate android, it could be easy for moderation of the forum to side in a certain direction… (this is probably a stupid analogy, I’m really tired after work)

Being a user in this forum, regardless of the facts, you could easily think the volunteers represent Monzo as a company.

(I did, still do, and always will)

I’ve tied up a lot of loose ends today. And I have had a few apologies to make. But I think this post is an overall reflection of how I feel.

I think if things don’t change, (even if slightly) it could be dangerous to Monzo - even if it was just something as simple as the moderators taking a back seat in discussions…

This is not a personal attack at ANYBODY, please don’t think that

(Jack Donovan) #147

This definitely makes sense

Users that have been here since the Alpha, or even the Beta know what’s going on…

New users might just think… Great, a new amazing Current account that will do so much more than a legacy bank!

Although, most of the negativity I see, actually comes from long standing users (but maybe they just need to take a breather for a bit, I had to… It worked, lol)

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Uh-oh, it looks like this thread has been derailed… :wink:

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Would anyone like me to split it out? :man_facepalming:

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You have my express permission :+1: :muscle:t4: (not that you need it!!!)

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Personally, I think this thread needs deleting. None of it is necessary for public viewing, and I’m sure any actions off the back of it have been taken. Trying to find an emoji that fits that comment…


Was waiting for the offer @tomsr😂


Can’t say I agree. The discussion was felt necessary; a public record should remain so all sides feel happy their views are represented.


Agree with this
I actually saw a post earlier where a forum member actually stated that they didn’t like a post that somebody who is quite highly regarded wrote, and their reply was. Well if you don’t like it, ignore it"

To which they responded, how can I ignore something that I’ve already seen and was offended by.

That was me :dizzy::crossed_fingers:t2:


I know who you are referring to :scream: