Response to Community Code of Conduct


A lot of people now answering

A real buz here

(Leonard) #117

It shows how active it is…?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #118

that will be… soon… then :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Numbers make a huge difference. More people posting and interacting means more admin work, more resources and more chance of things getting a bit hot :wink:


But we talking about moderators and leaders
Surely as numbers grow you kick in more leaders etc

What will happen with the 1 billion members that Monzo wishes to see in the future

(Tom ) #121

It has? :sob:


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #122

fired or hired …:slight_smile:

(Tom ) #123

I’ve no idea. calls agent

(Leonard) #124

If I’m honest I don’t think there is an issue with the Leaders role or what we’ve volunteered to do.

I personally believe the problem is that there are forum users here who don’t like Alex and are using leaders as a way of “getting back at him”. As he’s the most active Leader his presence is a lot heavier here, if the rest of us were as active as he is then you’d all probably hate us all.

I do however agree that as community grows there should also be a few more leaders helping out.

Edit: If Alex wasn’t a leader and just a ‘regular’ user we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation

(Simon B) #125

Their forum has had 2.4k posts in the last 30 days. Ours has had 9.7k in the last 30 days.

So essentially 4x the content.

It requires more manpower. It requires more contribution from the community to ensure the code of conduct is adhered to, that people aren’t making offensive remarks, and it means it is far more likely that posts will have enough people with differing opinions that things can get heated and require constant moderation.

There are issues that come with that kind of growth that simply didn’t exist when things were quieter.

It isn’t as simple as “having more leaders”. Are there enough people who are moderate enough to be leaders? Are there even enough people who want to do it? Is it fair to expect them to do the heavy lifting? What happens when people disagree with the actions of a leader or simply don’t like their tone or approach?

These are just some of the questions we are figuring out right now. We’re revamping the program and making the responsibilities more clear, and we’re doing this transparently, in open space, with the involvement of our existing leaders and community. We’re simultaneously seeing if it’s possible to create a community-based specialism role as a career development internally - the role I have was basically created around me and the work I was already doing on top of my COps role, so we’re now seeing how we can expand on that to have more people with responsibilities here.

@tomsr We’ll always have a place for you my friend :grinning:

(Eve) #126

Leonard, you’re slacking! No one knows you’re a leader :joy:
I said something similar in another thread in a reply to Chad, I haven’t seen anyone else mention other leaders. Since he’s the most active on here maybe some people think he is just running it however he likes- it was pretty common for threads to be rearranged within minutes in the past and no one had issues with that or were confused. Whenever an action is done (closing, merging, splitting) an explanation is left. I think it’s pretty straightforward and regular users are also very happy to point people in the direction of relevant links/ threads.


I think you may be making it personal. It’s not. I don’t disklike him; after all, we’ve never met. I can’t speak for the others, however.

I’m not enormously keen on his persistent responses to my contributions, though, even after I politely request he refrains. It feels like I’m being trolled.

None of the other leaders troll me or derail my comments made to other contributors. I’ve not seen any issue with the Leaders role.

(Alex Sherwood) #128

If I persistently disagree with you, it simply means that I agree with your latest post, that’s all :slight_smile: that’s how all forums work.


I’d previosuly requested he stopped responding to me. It feels like he’s deliberately harassing me so this is my last post on this topic as I don’t want it derailed.

(Peter Roberts) #130

To be fair, do you need to persistently respond to someone you disagree with? To do so fosters conflict but I prefer to respect that others have different opinions :+1:

(Tom ) #131

With the utmost of respect Johnny, a request like that is not something you can expect to be honoured in a public forum.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #132

not wishing to turn this into personalities - oh go on then - :slight_smile: over the past couple of years reading Alexs posts its how he answers everybody’s posts when they make two or three points in a post - it seems to be the way he works , some people will like it some won’t - Im sure its nothing personal

(Alex Sherwood) #133

No I don’t need to, no one needs to get involved in these discussions.

I just like testing my ideas so I generally keep questioning oposing views until I understand them.

I completely respect the fact that others have different opinions & I expect the same from other users. I don’t mind if people keep questioning my posts so I guess it’s hard to judge when to hold back. I do get that wrong at times.


But thinking more positive here

The numbers are growing and as such we have a need to manage this growth and people’s growing expectations of the product ( Monzo)

Maybe now is the right time to step back and plan for the future and make this a better place for all

Does that sound reasonable enough

(Eve) #135

Yeah I think it’s best that it’s hammered down now rather than later (as uncomfortable as this may be now I think everyone has been pretty civil). Perhaps a dedicated position in-house to manage this is needed like Simon mentioned- there are a few staff members that have done a wonderful job moderating the place alongside their other responsibilities (props to Simon, Naji) and if the forum keeps growing they might be stretched too thin.

I’ll just wait to see what their discussion yields and I’m sure they’ll consider the POV from staff/ leaders/ users before making any decisions.