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It is meant to hide plot spoilers.

Light Yagami is Kira

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Tbh even if you unblurred it I doubt most people would understand that anyway :joy:

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I’m assuming it’s from an Anime?

I’m getting quite into Anime lately… Thanks to Sword art Online :sunglasses:

Currently watching Phsyco Pass

Confirmed. Just looked it up.

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Absolutely :slight_smile: I meant it in an ironic sense anyway since it isn’t really a spoiler to the viewer. By the time you know those names you know that’s true. It’s only a spoiler to other characters in the manga!

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I’m rewatching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood myself right now. I highly recommend it!

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Brother… let’s play?


Recommend Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul.

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If you’re going to be recommending those, why not Attack on Titan and Hunter x Hunter too? :ok_hand:t3: Had me in tears in the Chimera Ant arc. Netflix has run Devilman Crybaby and I really like the adaptation. Popular with western fans too!. Read the manga ages ago (that old Black Jack manga style imo!) and I think it’s really brought it to life. I think they’re planning a prequel.


Attack on Titan is fabulous so can’t disagree there. Yet to see Hunter x Hunter, currently watching Rururoni Kenshin. Think I preferred the film adaptation of the latter but fun nevertheless.

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Hunter x Hunter is a classic and imo the plot/ characters are a lot better fleshed out than the “big 3” (Naruto, Bleach, etc). The author is known as “hiatus king” :joy: if he dies before it is completed, I’ll be desolate. Recommend it when you’re done with Rurouni Kenshin :+1:t3::sparkles: when I looked at the movie adaptation it reminds me a bit of Gintama’s ridiculous movie adaptation haha


Hahah! The adaptation is actually quite good. (The same cannot be said for Hollywood’s recent attempts with Death Note. Ryuk was a mess as was Light.)

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I’d recommend Ajin on Netflix and anything by Studio Ghibli.



MONZO forum has really moved away from banking

Can we talk about Lidl next :roll_eyes:

The Mighty Lidl
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There are lots of threads unrelated to Monzo- and the anime thread started in the TV thread that is filed under “general thread”. So, while it needs to be split, I don’t see the issue with talking about unrelated things. We could start a grocery store thread/ debate if you like :+1:t3: I like Aldi and M&S :sparkles:

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Not a mecha fan at all, but currently quite into:

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One of my favourites! :heart_eyes: I’ve just started Black Clover, but I also loved Attack on Titan, and Death Note when it wasn’t being horrible to Misa.

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be prepared for a lot of repetition :smile:


So I watched Devilman Crybaby. And… idk there was kinda too much ahem adult related stuff for me. This said from someone perfectly happy watching ghouls rip each other apart.


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Fairy Tail Has Got To Be One Of My Favourites…

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I’m about to finish season one of pyscho pass. Highly recommended it :grinning: