Resident but not from the UK

Hello, I own a property in the UK but I do not live there and am not from the UK, I am considered a resident, can I own a Monzo account?

Sure :slight_smile:
Although your card needs to be delivered to your UK address.



Umm, Hasan said they don’t live in the UK, only own property. So that sounds like they don’t fall under the residency requirements. Might still be possible to open an account by using the address of the UK property, but not sure we should encourage them to go against Monzo’s stated position. Maybe someone from Monzo could comment?


I’ve read on here before that as long as you have a uk address it’s ok, it’s a bit fluffy imo.

You’re right. Always best to check.

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Hey Hasan! :grinning:

Yes, that’s totally fine if you’re a resident with a permanent UK address - the card will need to be sent there, to your UK address.


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