payments from Monzo Users


Big fan of Monzo, but can see a couple of ‘easy’ ways to improve. One of these is that when you split the cost of something using, it makes even Monzo users input card details.

It would be great if when I request money from another Monzo user, a notification comes up on their phone saying ‘this has been requested …’ and then giving you the option to ‘approve payment’ - so that you don’t have to manually enter your card details, just authorise (maybe with a fingerprint scan on iPhone etc?).


3 Likes links open in the app for me and I just have to put in my PIN

Edit: I would like a direct request without having to share the link though :+1:


I would also like this. I assume it may be covered with splitting the bill, but if I want to request money independent of a transaction on my account it would be good for it just to pop up as a request on my friends phone. There doesn’t seem to be a list of Monzo users for me to choose from when using either, which seems odd (unless i am missing something).


I was recently at an event where setup crew beer was bought by one individual and left in the staff fridge. The person who bought it put a note on the fridge saying something like “It was £1.20 per beer”, with a URL in text and as a QR code.

I scanned the QR code using the Barcode Scanner app on Android, and it took me directly to the Monzo app to pay this person. (He was not already a “payments with friends” contact.)

Other people entered the text version of the URL into their browser on Android and got the web page asking for card details, even if they were Monzo users. (I don’t think I met any crew at this event that weren’t Monzo users…)

I understand why this happens, but it’s a bit non-intuitive for most people. Might it be worth having a link on web pages that’ll open the Monzo app to make the payment if it’s installed? (“I’m a Monzo user - open the app!”)


Just want to second this. I didn’t know links opened in app, probably because I don’t open links directly on iOS, I either open them in Twitter (which has an embedded browser and doesn’t open the app) or copy them and open them in Firefox.

If Monzo would add a link to open the app for those that slip through, I wonder if this feature would pay for its own development cost, since Monzo wouldn’t be paying the card processing fees.

Update: if I go to my link in Safari, it doesn’t open the app directly. It does show a banner (the standard Apple App Store one) with the Monzo app and a button to open the app, and if I do that I can do an in-app payment. But I imagine that I might ignore that banner if I didn’t know better. There’s no big “Pay with my Monzo account” button at the bottom like there is for card payment or Apple or Google Pay.