Request money button instead of seems a bit long-winded to me, you ‘request’ money, it sends a text link, they then click the link, fill in all their details (who knows these when you out or in a bar!!)

Would it not be better to have a ‘request money’ button that just sends a notification to your friend, clicking accept would then take him to the ‘send money’ section of the app and he could add/amend amount and send to you?

Or am I missing something?

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The Prepaid app already does this, at least on iOS. is used for people who don’t have a Monzo account :slight_smile:

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Same on Android. If you have another Monzonaught in your contacts you can send/request money in app and they’ll get a notification.

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I found the thread for this feature, you can have a look at it here: P2P payments

Sorry guys, not sure what I’m doing wrong, if I click on ‘request’ it takes me to a ‘send request link’ page

See image. IMG_0418

This is not a feature yet, but it’s certainly one I’d love to see too!

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If a Monzo user receives this request, the link will take them to the :monzo: app and do a Monzo-to-Monzo transfer, so they don’t need to fill in details. It only takes you to a webpage form for debit card details if a non-Monzo user clicks the link. (Or if a Monzo user clicks the link on a device without the app installed.)

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I did send to a Monzo user and they got a link to fill in credit card details. Just tried again with a friend here and the same happened.

Ok, that’s not what should happen! Might be worth reporting this to in-app support or

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I literally signed up to the community just so I could agree with you!

This is such an essential feature. The monzo me link is ugly and long winded, most people I know are already on Monzo. For small payments with people who aren’t on monzo, they usually pay me pack in cash or through their other banking app.

It would be great if it could tie-in with bill-splitting since thats when I need it most. So you could split the bill with person A and person B, and then hit request so that they have a reminder to pay you (i.e the situation is something like: I’ve paid for something for them and they will pay me back when they get paid in the near future).

It’s great that its so easy to send money through the app but there are definitely times where I might forget to pay someone back, or can’t remember the exact amount to send, so would be really helpful.