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Hi there,

I merged my prepaid account with my current account over the past few days and have a query regarding splitting transactions. My husband and I both had prepaid cards and we used to split the cost of bills and other charges using the function within the prepaid Monzo app (with Monzo.me links).

I can’t see this option in the current account interface. I can see that I can send him money to his mobile number but I can’t see any option to send a request or a link like the Monzo.me feature?

Will this be coming back?


(Adam Williams) #2

It is planned to return in the future, I understand.


Does this mean Monzo.me will reappear this year, before people are forced to migrate?

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Who knows? A timeframe has not been given.

(Rach 'Rogue' One) #5

Here’s hoping it returns soon! I most recently used it to get the money from 13 people for star wars cinema tickets :slight_smile: Bank to bank transfers are a pain to setup with some banks.


Well to say “feel free not to migrate yet if you’re a heavy user of monzo.me” suggests there would be something to wait for

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The option to request money is not yet in the Current Account interface. However, you can pay and receive funds from other Monzo users. And you can request a specific amount, with description, by creating a Monzo.me link manually. You then send (via Messages or email, etc.) to someone else and when they tap on it, it will open the Monzo app with the amount and description pre-filled. It’s a bit of a manual process which is a pain, but hopefully the in-app interface will return :soon:.

The format is:

https://monzo.me/[username]/[amount e.g. 12.50]?d=[text description/reference about the payement]

The safest way to ensure all spaces and Unicode/emoji characters get escaped properly is to type your URL into a browser, hit enter/tap go, and then share the resulting page from the browser’s share sheet.

Note: this only works with another Monzo user. The Monzo.me feature where anyone can pay you with a debit card is not available yet in the current account. Monzo.me is now working for almost all users. :tada:

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Just tried it. Works a dream!! :heart_eyes:

(Daniel) #9

Hi, so just to clarify, non Monzo users can use Monzo.me if you manually create a link to send money into your Monzo current account?

(Jolin) #10

Yes. As long as you initially had the prepaid card and have upgraded to the current account (there are a very few users who went straight to the current account, never having had a prepaid).

(Daniel) #11

Awesome thanks man, I’ll be activity my current account card tonight then!

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