Request for an Identifiable Proof of Payment

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I have been stung by a Parking Company when I used a local cinema car park. I was paying customer and they have indicated that if I provide a timed proof of payment via a statement then I will not have to pay up. I have this on my phone but I think I will also need to show that this is my account and I can be clearly identified.

Any thoughts / help on this?


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It’s between the parking company and the cinema who hired them. I wouldn’t give such a bizarre request the time of day.

They’ve sent you an invoice. You dispute that invoice. That doesn’t give them any right to your financial information. First is for then to prove you owe anything.

You should get onto the cinema and get then to back off… the parking company is hired by them and harassing customers is bad business.

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We can almost certainly get you something that would work for this. :+1:

Contact support via. in-app chat and we’ll see what we can do. :wink:


Chance to use that stamp again :grin:

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