Report financial information to Experian

Apparently only “32%” of lenders use CallCredit as a credit reference agency which means using Monzo could limit its users ability to get credit as well as the interest rates available to them.

Please report finanical information to Experian as “77%” of lenders use them and therfore many of us are likely to be better off (for the reasons above).

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CallCredit is now TransUnion. Not sure if Monzo have a reason for only using TransUnion.

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This was discussed here previously but we didn’t get any proper response from Monzo…

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Out of curiosity - If you simply had an account open elsewhere, would that be enough to report to “multiple agencies”?

Or do you need to actually use the other account semi regularly?

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There are some really long discussions around this on the forum. I personally would really like it and can’t go #fullmonzo till they support it. When prompted I will highlight it to people who ask me about Monzo. Not many people here are too excited about it though.

In my experience a dormant current account still gets reported to CRAs regularly.