Replacing a peephole

Are they all the same size ? Mine doesn’t work and want to know which one to get thanks

You mean a spyhole yeah? In your door?

They’re all different sizes and lengths depending on the width of your door.

I can easily measure the depth of the door. It’s just the diameter of the peephole I’m concerned about

A problem many people share no doubt.

Best thing to do is speak to your landlord about things like this.

Good luck :smiley:



Hold on, how can a hole in your door not work? It’s a hole with a bit convex glass at the end


That is what I was wondering
Its all blurry . I took the end on this side out and cleaned the glass etc but no luck

Condensation? Get a cotton bud and see if you can reach to clean the other end too

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My current one is 55mm diameter and all the ones on the internet are smaller

The outside glass works perfectly , the inside one seems to be blurry. Yes I cleaned both of them.

For now I can just use my reading glasses and the outside lens and it seems to work well

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They come as two separate screw parts don’t they? So you tighten it to the correct length. Also the size shouldn’t particularly matter because it’s big at the front but the inside they’re generally all the same small ish thing

I was measuring the circumference not the diameter ! Silly me.

Found one which is the same size as my current for about £5 off the webs. Hopefully it fits ok

Out of curiosity, how did you go about measuring the circumference?

Must have been quite tricky!

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Took this end of the peephole out, and got a standard measuring tape ( not metal )

The hole itself is 15mm, the one i bought is 14mm so should be fine.
It also supports 35mm to 55mm doors which is spot on for me.


Got me new doorviewer, works perfectly only £5 :smiley: