Noisy Socket In Bathroom

Don’t really know who to ask so here goes.

Bought an electric toothbrush today, tried to plug it in to one of the sockets but it wouldn’t fit, since then the socket has been making a buzzing noise even though nothing is plugged in, any ideas ?

What does the socket look like? Is is a two pin ‘shaver’ socket (which I’d expect a toothbrush to fit)?

If it is, they contain a transformer which normally buzzes away quietly when it’s active. I wouldn’t expect that with nothing plugged into it though.

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Correct, a 120v and 330v

Hopefully 230v…

The toothbrush should have fitted (and worked!) on the 230v side. It sounds like the transformer is active then which makes me wonder what switches it on. i Need to do some research!

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Ok. Will that be using my electric then, even though nothing plugged in ?

If it doesn’t settle down in a few hours i’ll get an electrician round.

To a very small degree, yes.

Apparently some of then have little switches inside that turn them on and off when things have been plugged in so it’s possible this has got stuck in yours (if it works that way).

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Are you sure it didn’t fit? Sometimes they need a little wiggle.

fits in one but not the other :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Phoned up my estate agent, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Ok fair enough.

Something is obviously causing the switch to think there’s something connected to it even though there is not.

Yeah sounds like the internal switch has gotten stuck. Landlord to rescue! Won’t cost you a fortune as the electric isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry on that front. (it’ll be using SOME because it’s generating noise/heat a little but it’s minimal).

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Thanks guys. Waiting to hear back from the electrician now.

As you can see my life is just problem after problem lol

Nah, that’s just life! :wink:


Just had me electric ian round, fixed it :smiley:

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Say thanks to Ian from all of us :laughing:


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