Repeat transaction - keep existing reference

Hi guys, thanks for the best banking app to date! :heart:

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before - I couldn’t find it amongst other ‘Ideas’ threads, but when making repeat BACs transfer to the same recipient it would be great to pre-fill the ‘reference’ field with the last reference you’ve used for that person.

For example, I make weekly payments to the same person and they have a unique reference for me that they’ve asked me to use. I’d love to just have it auto-filled for me, so that I could be lazy and just put the amount of money to transfer.

Hope this makes sense, if not - DM me! Cheers x

Just tap on the reference field and select the last used one from the drop down list.


Ahhh, very clever, thanks @Feathers. I wouldn’t have noticed it though as the drop down list is covered by pop-up keyboard on my phone screen. Perhaps, it could just appear in the reference window by default.


Yeas, it’s not the first time this has come up so I’m wondering if there will be some changes in the payments makeover to make things like this more obvious. Let’s see.

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