Repeat payment to friend on Monzo

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but does anyone know if its possible to set up a repeat payment to a friend on Monzo? Like a standing order but to another Monzo user

At the moment the only way I can see to set up a repeat payment is this screen…


I guess you could put their Monzo account number and sort code into that screen like they were external, but is that the only known way to do it?

When you pay an external payee you get an option to ‘schedule payment’ on the payment screen, but you don’t get this option when you’re paying another Monzo user



I thought I saw this functionality in the Android app when I sent my wife some funds last week.

Just been back to explore and can’t find anything that achieves this.

I send funds semi-regularly and, whilst it’s not that much of a chore to click a name in the home screen to send more, peak laziness means I would love to automate this :thinking:

Is this much more effort (I’m thinking, need for the app vs development time required)?

It’s pretty quick and easy to add an account number and sort code to set up a recurring payment already.

One of those little things that is probably at the bottom of a very long list (I reckon!)

Just go to scheduled payments and then add scheduled payment and fill in the details.

This is a good point. I know that one of my friends uses Monzo and I can send them a one-off payment easily, but to set up a recurring payment I would need their account number and sort code (which I don’t have at the moment, as they are purely a “Monzo contact”).

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As @FlyingDutchman says there’s no way to look-up a Monzo contact’s account number and sort code, so you’d have to get them to send you these separately

Not the end of the world of course but doesn’t seem consistent with how incredibly slick and easy payments are normally within the Monzo app


Monzo-to-Monzo standing orders were mentioned as a future feature under “Recurring payments” in the “What’s next?” section of the “End of The Big List” blog post:


The feature also been suggested before here:

Seems like a no-brainer to me - especially since it costs Monzo less money to send a P2P payment than via the Faster Payments service.


It’s interesting to note the inconsistency between the functionality available for payments made to Monzo and non-Monzo users.

I wanted to set up a scheduled payment to another Monzo account holder (brother overseas for Christmas; I wanted to schedule a transfer for Christmas Day so I wouldn’t forget :upside_down_face:) - it’s possible to make an immediate transfer but not schedule one without having the sort code and account number.

It would be great to bring this functionality in but just wondered if anyone else had come up against this?


Good point. Also I pay my friend each month for bills, but on the payment I have no option to add it as a recurring payment, so I have to take it out of my summary each month… Weird?


That’s true actually you can’t set payments to other monzo / non-monzo users to be recurring payments (subscription). I guess Monzo assume that if you wanted to do this you would set it up as a standing order, so its unnecessary to do it from the transaction.

Guess the only way you can handle it is to get your friend to send you their Monzo bank deets and set up a standing order to them manually


Just had the same issue. This really is a feature that users will just come to expect. I should never have to bother with tedious messaging then copy and pasting of archaic account no. and sort code when paying Monzo users. I think they dropped the ball on this one…


Yep, hit this issue. Why would I want to manually re-enter the details of someone who is already a contact of mine? In fact some people, I don’t have bank details for but they also use monzo, so surely that should be enough to be able to send them a scheduled payment.

I’m very surprised using existing contacts wasn’t something that was already considered by Monzo. They’re normally very ahead on such things.

The main voting thread for recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments can be found here: