A quicker way to pay friends and family back

Hi all

Stefon here, first-time poster, Monzo lover, aspiring UX / Product Designer.

I have an idea which has likely been shared already, but I’ll share it nonetheless to see if/how it was pursued.

Problem: When someone sends me money and I want to pay them back on a specific date, there doesn’t appear to be a way of scheduling this payback quickly (as soon as payment is received). I note I can click on the payment I have received and send money back to the sender, but it seems this payment must be instant rather than scheduled? I also note there is a ‘Scheduled’ tab under Payments where I can add a scheduled payment but this feels long.

Solution: I think it would be cool if I could click on the payment I have received from a friend, and then in no more than a couple actions set up a payback for X date. Reminders of when this payment is due may also be helpful.

Hi Stefon. Welcome to the community.

Your profile says you use iOS so not sure if it’s the same as on Android which is what I use, but I have checked both the current version and the “new payments flow” in Labs and I do see the option to schedule the payment later.

Screenshots of teh screen you see might help, unless someone else on iOS can confirm that the option doesn’t exist.

If you want to easily schedule the paying back payment to another Monzo user than this feature being implemented would help (if so, vote for it at the top of the thread):

If scheduled Monzo-to-Monzo payments were implemented then you could click on the transaction for the money your received then click ‘Send money to X’ to set up a scheduled payment to go out on the date you want.
Once the scheduled payment is set up you’d be notified about it just like any other scheduled payment (e.g., a standing order).