Easier scheduled payments to other Monzo customers (and people you've made bank transfers to before)

Not sure if I’m missing something obvious here but it would be handy to have a much easier way setup scheduled payments to other Monzo customers (and people you’ve made bank transfers to before).

I know I could do this by copying the account details and pasting it into the scheduled payments form but it feels like a really clunky journey and something that could be easily fixed with a link and prefilled fields on the scheduled payments page.


Hi @Matski98 and welcome to the community.

This one is easy.

Go to the transaction where you made a payment before, click on Send to, and when through to payment screen, switch on scheduled.

You cannot yet schedule Monzo to Monzo payments though. Would have to be done the same way as bank transfer :frowning_face:

Its not that easy :grinning:. To do what you suggested you have to find the previous transaction from your feed to be able to set up a scheduled payment, which is a pain if the payment was ages ago. You can’t setup a scheduled payment from the Recent list on the Payments tab for some reason.