Reopen closed account (from this year)

Hi there, I closed my account back at the beginning of the year, is it possible to get it reopened?

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It’s usually possible (I have returned to Monzo twice!).

Suggest you email

What made you leave twice

Twice since 2017, so it was over a fairly long period of time. As for why, mostly just that the product didn’t meet my needs at that time (I don’t like keeping dormant accounts open).

3rd time lucky - Monzo now meets my needs and I have been “Full Monzo” since October 2018. :slightly_smiling_face:

On both occasions, it has taken the COps mere moments to re-open the account (with account number and transaction history intact). They didn’t even need to re-verify my ID.


What features did they bring that made you go full monzo?

Agreed, Ben, I found the rejoining process both welcoming & frictionless.

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