Subscription Reminders?

(Jake Hill) #1

Hey guys!

I don’t know whether this has been already discussed, if it has been please link me in! :call_me_hand:t3:

What do people think about the app giving a push notification for subscription services, like Spotify and Netflix for example? So like a notification being given a couple days before it is due, to remind us of that subscription? :bell:

What we thinking? :brain:

(Andy) #2

I know Yolt does this, for all upcoming regular payments.

(Marcel Ruhf) #3

I would find this to be a really useful feature, and I think this would fit well into the work currently being done on recurring payment predictions in the Summary tab.

(Adam Robertson) #4

I agree, but wouldn’t want a notification. Just build it into Summary (which it already is) and I’ll know how much I have to spend including subscriptions.


I mean it’d be useful for irregular, infrequent payments. More as a reminder that I’m still paying for something. Netflix and Spotify are too regular to forget about for me, and Commited Spending highlights that sorta thing nicely. But, as an option to set reminders for things like that to suit whatever people want would be cool.

I have a magazine direct debit that is yearly. A week/few days notice to give me a chance to decide weather I want to continue with it would be cool.

Even more useful would be for commited Spending to be plotted into a calendar.

(Kieran) #6


Not my screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marcel Ruhf) #7

Where did you get that from?

(Kieran) #8 :slightly_smiling_face: