Contract reminders

Something I have done for years, and that is a very manual and inelegant solution is diarising subscription renewals.

Pretty much every company ramps up their fees after a fixed contract, as they know many people don’t keep on top of them.

Every time I create a new contract, I manually add the start date / end date in to my calendar. I also make a note of current price / trial length / contract duration and other notes.

For example, I sign up for a free trial that expires in 2 months but I’m unsure if I will continue after the trial I will add a calendar reminder. Or, I’ve signed up for some insurance product for a year, 1 month before the renewal dat I set an calendar reminder so I know I need to deal with it, or not.

It would be great if Monzo solves this in a more integrated fashion. There could be a new set of screens for every Scheduled payment that lets you add the contract start / end date, current deal price, whether it’s a free trial and a notes field. Each payment could be of a specific such as mortgage / credit card / insurance / etc, each type having relevant fields to populate.

Monzo could use this data to alert us when contracts are set to expire. In the future, this data could prompt better deals.

It would be great if these entries could be exported to external apps, at the very least a iCal file or even integrated into iOS Reminder app. The data could also be optionally exposed to other providers such as Money Supermarket at let them suggest better deals. Finally, a full calendar in Monzo showing upcoming renewables or finishing contracts would be be even better.


Would love it if Monzo were able to remind you to look for a better price a month or so before renewal!

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I like the idea :sunglasses:

I do the same too because when you’re out of contract, eg with Sky. You can phone up and get better deals because they don’t want to lose you. Similarly with mobile phone contracts, some companies don’t automatically switch you to sim only (I believe that is changing?) so there’s another reason.

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I use Onedox for managing my contact end dates for household bills. There was talk of an integration a while ago but it never materialised :neutral_face:


This would be a good thing to have, perhaps a notification a month before a set time period from start of direct debit. Great Idea @dominickelly


Love that! Monzo needs to take this on themselves, or integrate with it.