Rename Bill Splitters

Just come back to Monzo after a spate of absence and I needed to split a bill with people not on Monzo… when I added the people in to the Bill Splitting it adds them as Friend 1, Friend 2, Friend 3, etc. I personally think it would be great if I could edit this to be Dave, Fred, and Alan so it is easier for me to identify which have and have not paid up.

I might be missing the point but not being able to identify the people was enough to make me back out the bill split.

Also, if it doesn’t already it would be great if when you received the payments, instead of showing in your feed it just showed as paid on the screen for the transaction being split, and then as people pay back their share the debited amount in your feed reflects what you personally actually have offset for the transaction e.g.

Transaction: £4
Me: £1
Dave: £1.50
Fred: 50p
Alan: £1

Then when Alan pays his £1.50 he goes green on the transactions bill splitting section, the transaction total in my feed drops to £2.50 and no record of the incoming displays on the feed.

I’m not sure how viable it is but it’s just my tupenceworth

Yes to rename splitees and have them turn green when paid. Not to sure I’d want the value of the transaction in the feed changed though.

I think the feed needs to reflect the reality of money in and out so I’m not sure that modifying the original transaction is a good idea.

I can understand the attraction, just not sure how well it will work in reality :frowning:

I’d quite like the value of the transaction altered in some way, although I’d like some visibility of the fact that I was the one who paid in full originally - otherwise this could get messy in cases of refunds, fraud, etc.

Perhaps a second line of notes could be added in this case to the feed “Split with x people, you paid £y”? Satisfying the desire for visability but without adjusting the transaction.

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