Ability to rename "Friends" in Split BIll

Used the Split Bill option for the first time but found it more frustrating that just doing it manually without the app.
It creates a “Friend 1, Friend 2, etc” for each person you’re splitting with - there is no option to rename these name tags to make it easier to identify who each portion of the split is - this is one suggestion/idea.
Also, on allocating the proportion of the bill to each Friend, there’s a bug which prevents you changing Friend 1 after you’ve added Friend 2, and so on.
As I said, frustrating.

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There is a thread for this already over here

Although it has surprisingly few votes on it, I’m not sure I’m not sure which thread should be kept open in this case, but I’d suggest sticking a vote over there anyway :blush:

I think this would be useful if combined with the ability to track the one-time-use monzo.me requests sent from Bill Splits:

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