Removing Hidden Pot amount from the account total

I love the feature that auto calculates all the pots together and displays it on the top right of my accounts page.
However I am saving secretly for a special occasion and being open with my partner about our finances makes it tricky as the amount visible isn’t the true amount I can share with her.
Also if it’s a ‘out of sight out of mind‘ trick for most savers, surely not including the hidden pot total is a benefit?
If the pot becomes unhidden (by the user) surely the smart people at Monzo can make it so at that point it becomes part of the account total?

Let me know what you guys think.


This has been covered before and it was pretty split about whether people wanted hidden pots included or excluded from the total.

Ah ok, I couldn’t find it. I did think surely someone must have mentioned it before.
If the decision was split could it not be a feature that the user can turn on or off? I get it could be difficult but multiple apps have to do a mini reset if certain settings are changed… just a though :blush:

i just save in another account other than monzo you can just name it as a bill payment and it’s hiding in plain site

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Thanks for the link :+1:t3:
I think this guy has it right

Thanks! I did search but didn’t find it.