Ability to include/exclude individual pots in your overall available balance

You should be able to include a pot, from within the settings, to include or exclude the amount in your overall balance when using your card. Then when you use your card anywhere you could receive a notification to assign the spend to a particular pot (or you could be prompted the next time you log into the app) e.g. spending money, food shopping, etc and the balance of that pot should be reduced by the amount of the transaction automatically. This would mean that you don’t have to log into your app at the till to move money out of a pot.

Welcome to the community @Chris_Ball. @Revels will probably be along shortly with links to anywhere this has been suggested before.

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I’m starting to think @Revels is a bot…

I too would like this as an idea

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A bot that can search!

Your wish is my command

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Thanks @j06.

@Revels - I think the first link is definitely the closest but my idea has the ability to assign transactions to pots which would then reduce the total of the pot. Rather than having to manually move the money out of the pot before you can spend it.

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You can do this with a virtual card (Plus/Premium required)