Option to exclude specific pota from total?

I love the pot features and find it’s a great way to organis my money, but theres some pots i dip into during the month and others i do not touch. Therefore it can be misleading when looking at the pot total as it includes money I either don’t want to touch or can’t.

For instance i have a bills pot and a savings pot (which includes payment top ups). Both of these pots i have hidden. The bills pot i can’t touch as it only gets the exact money to pay all my bills automatically. The savings pot i like to avoid touching but can be tempting as i can see it included in my total.

Could there be a way to exclude these hidden pots from being included in the total?

I feel it would benefit a lot of people, and make it easier for people to save if they can completely hide the pot. Especially since you can easily forget your actually accumulating using the top up feature, if you couldn’t see it in your total.

It’s very split on whether people wanted it to work the way you’ve suggested

Well a toggle would be nice, so people can choose! I personally would prefer for my money to be removed from the total as the whole point of hiding it is so it isn’t visible to me at all. Monzo could either have a toggle for setting it to include/exclude for all pots, or potentially allow you to decide on a pot-by-pot basis which to include/exclude, which I think would be better.

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Either one of these methods is exactly how i would like to see it.

I cant see how allowing people to have the choice would be anything other than a helpful improvement.


If you use the new layout then the pot total doesn’t include what’s in your hidden pots.