Remove Monzo Plus Page

The regular emails, the (daily?) app notifications about Plus, the feed items, and this fake card are too much.

I managed to switch off the promotions notifications. Now let me dismiss the fake card.


…And just now I got a push notification: “Get a shiny metal Monzo card” “(Or a shiny holographic blue one)”

Without being overly dramatic (and I know some will accuse me of that as usual), that’s a point where I would strongly consider switching away as it’s far more intrusive than legacy bank stuff


I’m suprised that given they’ve added dismiss button logic to the alternative version I saw, that they wouldn’t give it to everyone. Maybe they’re A/B testing that too. i.e. Is there any difference in conversion for people we let dismiss it vs. not? Pretty annoying to be in a group that you don’t like, but hopefully they will finally land on a less-annoying version

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To be fair to Monzo, I can’t see that being the intended behaviour but yes it is still really annoying. I rely heavily on Bills Pots so I won’t be switching away any time soon, unless someone else does something similar.


So it is daily now. I dismissed this exact feed item before. What don’t you get about dismissing it - that behaviour means I’m not interested.


Do you have ‘Lending Promotions’ turned off?

I’m still free of all sorts of advertising apart from the small prompt to upgrade on the account page. Maybe Monzo know that I’d kick off here if they put an ad in my app? :joy:

I just got another notification this morning (the “shiny card” one above I got yesterday): “Add your other accounts / See all your spending inside Monzo” which jumps to the Monzo Premium page

Yes, but “News and updates” was on, I’ve now turned it off

Yes! That one has been off forever:

Ah, didn’t even spot the other option before - but that’s off for me too. Did you turn it off now, or was it off even when you got the notifications?

The news and promos toggle seems to have ended the push notifications but not the feed items.

New feed item this morning:

Expands to:

And can be dismissed:

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That’s clever advertising and should keep everyone happy as well :slight_smile:


I had two in a day earlier this week but none before or since

Finally, glad Monzo have listened

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It seems all Monzo have achieved with this saga is making sure lots of people disable “News and Updates” notifications. What a shambles. This has been really poorly handled in my opinion. I don’t want to be advertised to within a banking app, the end. If I dismiss a feed item, I don’t want the same thing or some similar variant to appear the next day. We need a “leave me alone” button.

£5 a month for a bunch of features that are available for free elsewhere is not interesting to me at all. Putting custom categories behind a pay wall is laughable, this was something the community has been asking for for a long time, including it as a premium feature is a real turn off.


When you find a bank (or any website/app for that matter) that doesn’t advertise let me know please :+1:


Another feed item today “Create your own spend”

We need a “I am very familiar with your offering, regularly visit the forum, generally know about new features well in advance of you emailing/notifying about them and thus do not wish to be advertised to in any way” tickbox. Bit of a mouthful.


I’d still tick it :wink:


I’ve never received adverts within the Nationwide app. They occasionally inform me of “anti-scam” information, but that’s it. There’s a “Products you might like” section, which I guess you could argue is an advert, but if you had enough accounts, this wouldn’t even be visible without scrolling to the bottom of the main screen. It’s also an entirely unobtrusive list of product categories rather than something I’d call an “Advert”.

The frequency of Monzo Plus/Premium adverts over the last week or so has been ridiculous. I stopped using the Revolut app for this reason, never thought Monzo would go the same way.

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