Remote Week

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’d absolutely love to know more about Remote Week, what sort of things you are getting up to, how you are spending your free time etc etc :smiley: is there lots of photos being taken? Will there be a blog post about it?

I need to know moreeeeee :rofl::sweat_smile:

Edit: Trying to imagine what it would be like doing something like this, and I can only imagine that you are having the time of your lives.

@simonb - thought I had better tag you incase you don’t see this :rofl:


I’ve suggested we post a Remote Week Round Up :+1:


Definitely needs to be done.

Has anybody fallen asleep on shift? :joy:

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Monzo staff constitute the entire viewing numbers for Bargain Hunt. Apparently :joy:


We can definitely do a roundup but last night I was the last person in the office at 3am so I played Prince super loudly in our event space :joy:

Then I went back to the hotel we are all staying in and found @ianlyon and a few others in the hotel bar with a table full of empty beer bottles :beers::beers::beers:


Oh and we did The Crystal Maze yesterday with like 45 of us!!! It was awesome.


That was definitely fun.

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What is this “Remote Week” of which you speak? :wink::smiley:

At least it was in a hotel room and not in the office :joy: AM team walking in to you all passed out with beer bottles around :rofl:

The Crystal Maze must have been excellent, have you got anything else like that planned?

I feel like somebody definitely has fallen asleep btw… :yum: (Beth went to reply, then stopped a few times) :joy:

Everyone who works remotely has been invited to work at the office for the week, during normal rota’d hours.

So the early morning and late night teams are using the office and bonding. It’s been fun to put real faces to names.


Amazing. What’s the furthest journey in been? :smiley:

I’m guessing Columbia? I’m not 100%


Can confirm. I made poor life choices and stayed up until near 5am. :cold_sweat:


This would be me.

I hope it went smoothly and had no regrets lol :heart:

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I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 3pm today :tada:

(Migraine :cry:)

The furthest is definitely Alex Fox who has flown in from Columbia to be here! Not sure if he has a forum account, but we’ve also had people coming in from France, Ireland, Scotland… Not sure where else!

Crystal Maze was phenomenal, a real laugh. We roughly based on it on our internal COps Squads (so COps is divided into Squads, which generally contain about 10 people), so it was a great opportunity for us remote workers to get to know the people who we spend lots of time talking to over Slack and video chat! A huge amount of us have never met IRL before despite having nightly video call catchups and working together all the time, so it’s been really great to actually develop these working relationships further IRL.

It’s also been an opportunity for many people to meet other members of our daytime team. Since I live in Birmingham, I actually manage to get into the office pretty frequently, plus I’ve been at Monzo long enough to have met a lot of people, but for many remote workers this week has been the first time they’ve been in to the office since their initial training - which for some people may have been months ago.

A few of our Squad Captains plus members of the People team have done an absolutely amazing job organising this week, months in advance, and we’re all very grateful to them. Especially since the hotel that most of us are staying in is literally a 5 minute walk from the office… Super convenient, since we’re all still doing our normal shifts (hence why I was still in the office at 3am last night!!!).

I’ll nudge a few people to post in here with their thoughts and experiences so far :grinning:


out of curiosity how do you go about finding people to work for you in Colombia for example? Did they happen to move out there from the UK and were in contact with Monzo already? I can’t imagine it’s straight forward employing workers in other countries due to the distance!
I totally understand and see the benefit though! I think it’s a great idea.

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I think people in Columbia do have computers…

They aren’t all Cocaine farmers


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That’s not what I was getting at.

I mean from a logistical point of view.

Advertising for a job and interviewing from across the world isn’t as straight forward as being there.
It’s also a very different way of working for the end user.

Doesn’t matter what country anyway. Frane, Italy, USA. Same applies


I was only joking mate lol (I assume they would have had to travel here for the interview)

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