Refunds to card on Weekends

Does anyone know if refunds to cards don’t happen on weekend? For example if you play on most bingo sites etc, when you win they refund it to your card. I’ve had payments most days and was due one this morning (they usually arrive from this company (mFortune) around 2.30am but it’s not arrived. I’m now thinking I might of heard MasterCard don’t do them on weekends? Any help appreciated so I don’t have to get my hopes up still coming :pensive::house:

mFortune don’t process them on weekends.

Obviously in the 2 days they don’t, they’re hoping you cancel the payout, play and lose the money.

Monzo take part in all Mastercard clearing cycles. If you don’t receive a refund, it’s because the company processing the refund hasn’t sent it yet.

My recollection last time I looked things up were that Mastercard runs some clearing cycles on Saturday but not on a Sunday.

This means that any delay in receiving a refund is most likely to be down to the merchant taking the weekend off and not issuing the refund until the following Monday (at the earliest).

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Best not to give this kind of information out because hardly any business will have a relationship between them and the card issuing network. You don’t know who their payment processor is, who/how/when that processor interfaces with MC. It’s just going to wait support time.

It could very well be ‘sent’ from the business point of view but be stuck waiting with another company clearing cycle.

He’s not wrong though :man_shrugging:t2: