Betting site refunds to card

Does anyone know how betting site withdrawals work? I know it’s done as a refund to card, but I’m wondering if it happens at weekends or not? I play with tombola bingo and usually if I withdraw I get it the next day, apart from at weekends it seems, if I withdraw on a Friday early hours or any other time of day, I don’t get it until Monday, but others get it Sunday etc. I withdrew Thursday 5pm I would of thought I’d of got it today, so now wondering if it will be Monday, or due to bank holiday Tuesday. Others on the site said they would of got there’s today, and if not Sunday. So wondering if it monzo or tombola? Thanks in advance for any help

I doubt it’s a Monzo thing, there could be additional checks that Tombola are doing to verify before paying out etc.

Monzo will reflect the payment in your account as soon as it comes through on Monzo’s side. A lot of places state that refunds can take a couple of days to come through…

As unhelpful as I’ve been, you’re best holding on for a few days and seeing how it goes. :slight_smile:


Aww bless you of course you’ve been helpful I really appreciate any help/advice. It’s not at tombola’s end as it was at “processing” for about 4 hours then went to “processed” at 17.06 so I know that was the point it was cleared at there end. I was just wondering if it can happen at weekends, and if bank holiday affects things.
Thanks for your input though

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I think this can vary depending on what method they’ve used to pay out. Faster payments bank transfers are much faster than BACS for instance. Payouts to card work in a similar way to receiving refunds, so I’d give it a day or two after the bank holiday and if it’s still not showing up in Monzo then get in touch with Tombola.

From Tombola’s FAQ:

A withdrawal can be requested to your current registered payment method or cheque if your current payment method is a card.

Card withdrawals take 3-5 working days.
Cheque withdrawals take 3-5 working days.


Some casinos don’t process over the weekend. As soon as monzo gets the nudge that they’ve sent you money it’ll be in your account

However some literally send you the money instantly. For insane I used to receive funds in my bank before I even closed the site off.

Additionally different casinos use different terminology such as Waiting/Processing/Processed/Payment Sent - If it says processed it doesn’t always mean the payment has been sent it could just mean they’ve confirmed you’re allowed to withdraw is what I’m saying it’ll tell you on the FAQ since tombola is licensed they’re checks by law they have to do including credit checks for affordability (doesn’t affect your score)

When I withdraw from Sky Bet to Starling, it appears as pending in my account instantaneously. The amount becomes part of my available balance a day or so later.

I suspect that any variability on this procedure will be down to how the gambling site processes transactions, and not down to the receiving bank.


Wow you’ve all been so very helpful, I’ve learnt so much, and I can pretty much get my head around it now. Thank you all for taking the time to help me, especially so in depth. Much appreciated indeed.


I googled this looking for a answer to i also qithdrew thursday and usually they dont clear it on monzos end until the monday, but with it being bank holiday will probably be tuesday, i also remember though on good friday(bank holiday) i actually received a withdrawel then. So i was hoping to get my winnings tomorrow rather than tuesday, does anybody know

Monzo will let you have it as soon as they have it

The delay is on the betting site’s end

No it was processed on their end on friday, it is usual that any that finishes processing friday or over the weekend usually arrives monday morning im not questioning that i was wondering if it would be differant because of bank holiday as my last withdrawel hitmy bank on good friday


Bank holiday is a public holiday.

It states working/business days only on the casino you used which is Monday-Friday not including any public holidays.

Monzo will clear it instantly. it’s the casino

They have cleared it but then it passes to their card processor. Once they have cleared it they will pass it to Monzo. Monzo do all the MasterCard clearing cycles so as soon as it’s sent to Monzo you’ll see it

So i should expect it tuesday even tho iv had it on a bank holiday before :joy: thanks for any help. It is defo processed on their side as it changed from processing to processed in friday once tombola updates to processed it means they have done everything they do on the end

All too confusing for me last time i asked tombola because their processing times changed recently they said as soon as it changes to processed in tombola that means my bank has it and its down to them when it go3s in my account :confused:

I agree with you kirsty I know my betting site cleared mine Friday, and is usually get it Monday. I’m in the same boat as you but I am holding out hope to get it tomorrow as at Christmas I was in this position and didn’t expect it until the day after Boxing Day but it came in Christmas Day, so fingers crossed bank holiday shouldn’t effect us, unless it is monzo so we shall see. Let me know and I will you so in future people can see the outcome good luck

Sounds like Tombola are passing the buck, as what normally happens is the refunds are batched and sent to the card processor after 4pm each day (Monday- Friday), so i would expect it to be at the very earliest Tuesday afternoon, or if not Wednesday Morning, as nothing gets processed refund wise over a bank holiday weekend.

And a lot of casino sites don’t send it back to the banks until Tuesday when its a bank holiday.

Yes, like i said i had previous withdrawel on april 2nd good friday, and alwasy get fri sat sunday withdrawels on a monday just cant remember if ever a bank holiday monday, i have been with tombola a long time and also monzo and say a withdrawel processed at 6pm on tueday with tom it would hit my account weds morning around 10.30 same for all weekdays. Just bank holiday and differant ways banks process differant payments on the bank holiday weekends, il update u in the morning :slight_smile: x

If that fails check if you’ve entered the correct withdrawal details.
Maybe someone else has your withdrawal

But a regulated casino will normally only allow you to withdraw to a payment in your name and that you’ve made a deposit on at least once.

Sorry I’ve been out all day but for future reference it arrived this morning at 8:30 so does process on bank holidays

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Betting sites tend to have certain processing times to send withdrawals to their payment provider who will then pass it onto the bank, it may have been processed and cleared with the betting company however it may be with the provider and the bank won’t be aware until the payment provider processes it from their end

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