Add refunds/incoming transfers to Shared Tabs or Bill Split

I buy 3x items from Amazon, using Monzo as payment method. The items are “household” so I create a shared tab “household” and add the transaction.

It turns out that 1x item was incorrect, I will action a return. Amazon receives my return and credits my Monzo account with a partial refund.

Note I need to record this partial refund somehow!

  • Add that refund (money in transaction) to the shared tab.

  • Edit the original transaction, reduce the total spent by the refunded amount.

Has this already been solved somewhere in the app?

Couldnt see this also.

Just finally got a refund from easyjet for flights and couldnt believe its not possible to add to a shared tab or to split the bill.

Would make things so much easier if i could split the bill and share the refund among the party.

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