Refunds from abroad

Hey guys,

Just a query really. I know refunds can take a few days depending on a merchants bank etc but what about refunds from abroad?

A company is refunding me some money but they’re based in Kansas. Should I expect a similar waiting time as it’s all just processed through the cloud or whatever nowadays?



Hey @ichbinmatt,

Mastercard refunds take 7-10 days, no matter where it is refunded from :slight_smile:


Are you sure?

I was under the impression that it’s 1–3 working days from the time the merchant actually sends it, if it’s an actual refund, or 7–8 days from the original purchase if it’s an auth expiry.

Just to poke my nose (back) in but I got a refund from River Island the other day, took about 12hrs to hit my card.

It can take up to 10 days! It takes very little time going through Mastercard systems, but merchants and acquirers often take a very long time to process them - I expect the do them in batches :slight_smile: