Refund sent to my old lost card

Purchased a couple of tickets for a concert. Couldn’t go so had a refund sent 3 weeks ago. Id lost the card it was sent to and now have another. Vendor said the money should have got refunded to my new card after bank would have seen the card used to purchase was now defunct
What can i do to get my money? Is there a nimber i can call?
Thanks in advance for any help

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If they refunded it, you’d have it, the same as when you asked last time.

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Vendor assures me the money was sent 3 weeks ago

They’re lying to you.

You can ask Monzo. Help section, search “contact” and then “Contact Us” and they’ll explain that any refunds issued to your old card will still reach your account, but there have been no refunds.

Talk to the merchant, say you have spoken to your bank and there has been no refund. Let them explain themselves. The issue is with them, not Monzo.

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They aren’t necessarily lying :sweat_smile:. Things sometimes get a bit lost. I work for a merchant and our settled refunds often don’t show on people’s account, which is the banks fault.

Worth asking the merchant for the receipt with the auth code on it, if that shows settled then show it to Monzo and they’ll likely be able to find it and match it to the account.

If the merchant can’t give a receipt, I’d say that’s a time to question them.

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