Refund notification



I use my card to purchase things from Aliexpress from time to time. Sometimes I receive a refund from a seller for various reasons however I never get a notification for a refund though the item does appear on the list of transactions. Could the developers add a notification for whenever a refund comes into the account? I’m using the Monzo app on Android 7.1.2.

(Hugh) #2

That seems odd. I have always had refund notifications?


Do you use Android or iOS? I’ve definitely not had any notifications and had a few moments of suprise when there was a refund in and my balance changed. I’ll double check soon if it happens again.

(Hugh) #4

Android, same version.

Current account or prepaid?


Prepaid. Joined when Monzo was in Beta stage.

(Hugh) #6

Any thoughts @alexs?

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Can’t explain this one I’m afraid, hopefully the support team can if you ask about this via the in-app chat.

(Keri) #8

I had this issue recently when I had a refund from Aldi. It appeared so far down in my feed that I didn’t notice the refund. I had expected a notification too. I did get an explanation of why this was in the in app chat, although I can’t remember the exact details. Hopefully in app chat can explain it for you :+1:

(Hugh) #9

If you wouldn’t mind screenshotting this that would be awesome :slight_smile:

(Keri) #10

Just had a look and there is too much personal detail in the message for me to post it here. Sorry.