Refund notification


I use my card to purchase things from Aliexpress from time to time. Sometimes I receive a refund from a seller for various reasons however I never get a notification for a refund though the item does appear on the list of transactions. Could the developers add a notification for whenever a refund comes into the account? I’m using the Monzo app on Android 7.1.2.

That seems odd. I have always had refund notifications?

Do you use Android or iOS? I’ve definitely not had any notifications and had a few moments of suprise when there was a refund in and my balance changed. I’ll double check soon if it happens again.

Android, same version.

Current account or prepaid?

Prepaid. Joined when Monzo was in Beta stage.

Any thoughts @alexs?

Can’t explain this one I’m afraid, hopefully the support team can if you ask about this via the in-app chat.

I had this issue recently when I had a refund from Aldi. It appeared so far down in my feed that I didn’t notice the refund. I had expected a notification too. I did get an explanation of why this was in the in app chat, although I can’t remember the exact details. Hopefully in app chat can explain it for you :+1:

If you wouldn’t mind screenshotting this that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Just had a look and there is too much personal detail in the message for me to post it here. Sorry.