Refund doesn't appear on list

(Rodrigo Feijao) #1

Yesterday, I have bought some stuff on Argos and paid with my Mondo card.
After some hours I came back to ask a refund. They gave me all the money back on my card. I was credited 100% today but the credit transaction doesn’t appear on the list.

It’s quite annoying because some money appears and you don’t know why, because the debit transaction stills there.

(Congrats for the amazing work)

(Rob) #2

Refunds are not normally processed ‘live’ - instead, they’re processed during the merchant’s overnight processing as part of the settlement process. Your money will typically go back on your card in a day or two.

However by contrast, a purchase will typically cause the retailer’s point-of-sale equipment to talk live to obtain an authorisation from your card issuer for the amount of the purchase, and it’s this authorisation that allows :mondo: to send you the notification that you’ve made a purchase. During the overnight processing that follows the retailer will typically begin the settlement of the transaction - this can take a couple of days. As you may have guessed, the authorisation virtually guarantees the retailer of their money as it’ll be declined if there’s insufficient funds in the account, the card has been reported as lost or stolen, or is being used by a type of merchant that it’s been excluded (see the FAQ).

(Terry) #3

I found this happened with me, I had my refund show in my balance after the merchant refunded me yesterday, however the refund appearing in the feed took about an hour to show after my balance had changed.

(Oliver) #4

I’m having the same issue, I bought some stuff off Amazon and Asos and returned some of it. Yesterday I apparently got a refund for some/all of those returns, because my balance went up (see graph). However, it doesn’t appear in my transactions so I don’t know how much it was, and therefore can’t deduce which returns have been processed.
I understand (kind of) that the money might be available before the merchant gives the transaction details, but it’d be helpful to have at least something like “+£xx from unknown” or something in the transaction list so I can see how my balance has changed.

(Steven) #5


I’ve been waiting for notifications and have no idea if my items have been refunded now? Sometimes it says refunded others are missing?

(Herp Derp) #6

Amazon refunds are showing for me, came through next day.