Refunds being backdated to another month in targets

I budget monthly for what I can spend.

I buy a lot of clothes and things online because the shops I need are not very close by. I also end up sending a lot back. However they take so long to refund me that it will often go into the next month.

It means that although it looks like it, I haven’t gone over my budget as it seems (because I often have to get a couple of sizes of the same thing), but I can’t match up my refund in March to my target in February.

Would be great if we could backdate a refund into a different months targets, so I can continue to keep on top of what I spent that previous month and check I was on target.
I hope that makes sense.

I’m not sure if it’s possible though!

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It’s not possible from our level, it depends how the merchant handles the payment,

I think it’s technically possible within certain timeframes, but probably more complexity involved than just sending a payment request.

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It’s not possible; but what you could do is exclude both transactions from trends / summary

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Unfortunately that doesn’t work either because there will still be a payment to track.

For example it’s often a case of: buy 3 things in one transaction, send 2 back.

Oh well. I carry on.

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Ah I see, in that case the only solution I can think of would need Monzo Plus - with that you could split the transaction between two categories- one excluded from summary and one not. Also a fair bit of manual effort tbf.

Anyway I have voted for the suggestion!

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Export transactions and use accounting software for you to be able to account for things like these in different accounting periods.

Well yes, of course I can do that Xnox, but then again, Monzo does a lot of budgeting functions.
So I don’t see the harm in suggesting it. Otherwise I wouldn’t use Monzo and would just use a spreadsheet??

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