Refresh feed on iOS?

How do you refresh the feed on iOS?

The universal iOS refresh gestures of pulling down doesn’t work as pulling down on the feed switches you to the account selection screen.


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Close the app and reopen it.

That’s what I’ve been doing to ensure I get an accurate feed. Is there seriously no way to refresh in the app?

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Change tabs?

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To be honest, I’ve been using banking apps for years and have never felt the need to refresh the feed. I only checked it would work when you asked.

I can confirm that changing tabs works, too.

Not the most intuitive way to do it but better than keep closing the app. Thanks.

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I refresh the feed all of the time - it’s almost never up to date by itself.


Weird. It updates when I open the app.

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I think they’ve acknowledged that the feed accuracy is an issue they are trying too fix.

Issues I’ve seen.

Feed not up to date.
Items showing up in the wrong day.
Slower in general / delay in updating.

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