Referral mechanism after current accounts

Will there be a referral scheme after current accounts, either golden tickets or sign-up codes, or something more delightful?

I’ve been recommending :monzo: Monzo to lots of my friends and colleagues since I signed up in March 2016 but there are some I’d prefer to wait with until after the launch of full accounts, as I know they’d probably not go for a pre-paid card offering, especially as the concept will change from pre-paid to debit card pretty soon afterwards. It’s getting awkward saying “it’ll be a proper account very soon”

Obviously I know the roll-out will be delivered to different alphas/betas/investors at different times, so there would have to be a balance in signing up new users over those already in the queue.

Any clues from the awesome Monzo team?


I might be missing something obvious but I can’t see the link between referral mechanisms like golden tickets & users who already want to sign up for the current accounts after they launch, could you please expand on that?

Since there’s a dedicated card on the roadmap for rolling out the current accounts to the general public (as opposed to existing users), I’m assuming that your referees will have to wait until after existing users have the accounts, if they don’t sign up for a prepaid card now.

Are you asking whether there will be a way to let new users skip that wait & sign up at the same time as current users?

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Sounds like a great idea to keep :monzo: spreading through word-of-mouth… what would you want from the ‘scheme’ though? Gratification through a referral count or something along those lines similar to the proposed badges?

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Sorry think my phrasing is off. I meant, I’m holding back on recommending Monzo to certain friends because I feel getting them to sign up to a pre-pay card would put them off. The fact that if they did sign up, the pre-pays would quickly convert to a full current account might be confusing. So the point is, I’m slowing down on my recommendations as full current accounts draw closer, as I can’t be sure what I’m recommending. But it’s frustrating as I want to recommend Monzo to the world as it’s so awesome. Coupled with the obvious fact that recommendations will take a back seat during the roll-out, to stop new referred customers inadvertently leap-frogging those patiently waiting, means I was just wondering if there was to be a slick referral scheme put in place when the current accounts are live and all alphas/betas/investors are catered for.


Actually, I want nothing tangible, just to know my mates are getting a better deal from a new bank would be pretty cool enough. It’s about passing on the ‘early adopter’ love a bit and sharing the good news. Maybe, on the page where my own Monzo use number is, it could display a ‘Has referred’ list with all those I have recommended, just for me? That’d be cool.


We do know that something along this lines is on the way :heart_eyes:

which also suggests to me that golden tickets are here to stay :tada:

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