200,000 Customers and £250,000,000 Spent!


This is great to see Monzo growing, I have been silently following for months. I am looking at joining now, but would like to know when current account signups will be opened, and if getting the pre-pay card if that will move me up the list to join?

That’s phenomenal. The average seems to be £1,250 spent per user but would love to see a histogram or something similar on that spend data.
Great job! :+1:


We don’t know exactly when the current accounts will be launched yet, the general answer is “in the summer” but you can see the plan & track how the rollout is progressing on the roadmap, which also confirms that existing users aka prepaid card holders, will be given access to the current accounts first.

In case you’d like more details, I’ve listed everything we know about the current accounts & debit cards here -


Thank you @alexs, I have decided to leave my bank after losing any feeling of value to them and I am really interested in the approach Monzo are taking. Will get the pre-pay card and wait for the update.